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Contributions 2010 Benefits Campaign

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 mShakespeare Productions - Possible through viewers like you!  Contribute today...

The new mShakespeare Campaign Benefits Campaign has launched! Our new benefits campaign includes performance package perks, highly-coveted parcel ownership privileges on the exclusive Shakespeare island sim, and more. Help support the mSC! Please peruse the enclosed Contributions 2010 Benefits iCampaign booklet, or check out a web version @ for details. See for instant campaign stats from this and other mShakespeare Campaigns!

Donate directly per your Benefits level at the Benefits Kiosk at sLiterary (23,13,23) or visit the SL Globe Theatre, sLiterary Entrance

mShakespeare Theatres - Where virtual theatre magic goes live!

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mShakespeare 2010 Winter Campaign Pre-Kickoff

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September 12, 2010

Dear mShakespeare Patrons,

mShakespeare is starting its Winter Season in about 6 weeks! This season, we hope to finally present the long-awaited finale of Twelfth Night – unabridged – in our usual legendary extravagance – and with more!

OEP1 Twelfth Night Act 1 LAST SHOW OEP1 Twelfth Night Main - Triumvirate OEP2 Twelfth Night Malvolio A2S5

(Main playbills of previous acts shown above. Acts 3, 4 and 5, to come!)

Great theatre – especially on SL – is a costly thing: Aside from our elaborate wardrobe, props and sets, and everything else, we have to raise funds for tier for our home venue, the virtual Shakespearean thespian idealist’s dream of a 4-sim SL Globe Theatre. We’ve partnered with sLiterary, a nonprofit dedicated to the arts in virtual worlds, and Primtings Museum, a sim-sized art gallery of 3D paintings, to fund 2 of our 4 sims. Our artistic director has donated the fourth sim (mea culpa?). Minimally, we still have to raise tier for that peculiar sim called Shakespeare – you know, the one with the epic stage of the SL Globe Theatre, and also the world’s only full reconstruction of Shakespeare’s indoor theatre, the Blackfriars Theatre – as well as virtual reconstructions of other buildings relating to Shakespeare’s legacy. We pay our tier in 6-month intervals… And, it’s high time to get working on the fundraising!

As a pre-kickoff to our 2010 Winter Campaign, we have a pretty thing to offer as a fashionable head dress of sorts for your avatar. Ina Infinity of iC Hair has created a 100% Donation hair inspired by a certain Shakespearean character. Catch it at [iC] Hair’s Hair Fair booth before Hair Fair ends this coming Friday. Ad pic and LM below:

ic hair ina centaur out of time ad

LM to iC Hair @ Hair Fair 2

Ina Centaur
Artistic Director, mShakespeare

P.S. Be the first three to name the Shakespearean character impersonation the hair embodies, and iC Hair will name one of its future styles after you (or a word or phrase of your choice).

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MSC SOS Campaign Becomes Save Our Shakespeare

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March 8, 2010
Contact: Lora Constantine


mShakespeare’s SOS Campaign Becomes Save Our Shakespeare:  


Shakespeare, Second Life: The Metaverse Shakespeare Company (MSC), formerly SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC), today refreshes the MSC SOS Campaign, its grid-wide network of donation kiosks. The running total is still displayed instantly both inworld and on the web, but the SOS Campaign website has been updated at and SOS has evolved from “Save Our Sims” to “Save Our Shakespeare.”

Artistic Director Ina Centaur two years ago eloquently expressed the greater significance of the Metaverse Shakespeare endeavor, “Our goal is to create a good within Second Life for the world to thrive from—because it is possible… [this] truly humanitarian cause that we are fighting for—to bring theatre to the farthest reaches of the world, to give Shakespeare to those who would not have had the chance to experience his words in the live and intimate form they were written for, to use this nascent medium to bring the most quintessential culture to the metaverse and beyond.”

In light of this abstract value which the sims have been platform for, those contributing to the cause will be effectively saving more than sims—they will be saving Shakespeare on Second Life, with its potential to unite the world. Perhaps phenomenal for a project of its scope, the Metaverse Shakespeare Company is completely independent of any external funding, resident-supported and resident-funded.

Anyone can help support the MSC SOS Campaign by donating to or rezzing a donation kiosk, available by clicking on any of the current kiosks at the SL Globe Theatre, or by visiting one of the kiosks listed at  

Launched in December 2008, the SOS Campaign, through the support of over a thousand residents, has raised over L$1.5 million in funds to help the Metaverse Shakespeare Company cover tier fees for three of its four island sims. In February 2010, the third sim—Primtings—became self-supporting due to Primtings Campaign, but continues to donate a corner of its sim space to MSC to maintain the 4-Sim SL Globe Theatre.

The SOS is now responsible for raising tier for just two island sims—Shakespeare and sLiterary. As with previous years, unused funds will remain in the MSC Endowment until needed. Any and all uses of publicly raised funds through the SOS Campaign will be reported to the MSC Transparency website at


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About the Metaverse Shakespeare Company (mShakespeare)
Headquartered in the virtual world of Second Life (SL), the Metaverse Shakespeare Company (MSC) is the flagship project of sLiterary’s Virtual Reality Shakespeare Initiative (VRSI). MSC is a professional virtual theatre company that embraces the best of what the metaverse has to offer. While it is primarily known to provide quality live Shakespearean theatre available to anyone in any location, MSC is also the curator of the most historically accurate theatres and architecture in virtual worlds relating to William Shakespeare.

Press Center:

About sLiterary
sLiterary, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering literary and artistic endeavors in Second Life and other virtual worlds.

About Second Life
Second Life is a free online virtual world imagined and created by its residents.

Neither the Metaverse Shakespeare Company nor sLiterary is affiliated with Linden Lab. Second Life is a trademark of Linden Lab. No infringement is intended.

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